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Agave blue

Our tequila production is entrusted to our Master Tequilero, Gerardo Barajas. He pioneered a noble extraction method called ‘desfibrador,’ which imparts unique notes and flavors.

Our Process

Tequila Barajas adheres to the traditional process, with a touch of uniqueness. Controlling every little detail to ensure mastery. 

Our agaves come from the lowlands of Jalisco, resulting in more citrusy and herbal notes and flavors.

The extended cooking time imparts our tequila with complex notes and flavors of cooked agave

Compared to mills or tahona, this method aids in oxygenation and extraction of the pulp, resulting in unique, enhancing, and providing new agave notes.

Native yeast from the air adds a touch of cinnamon to our Tequila.

Doble distillation in stainless steal

Reposado – 8 Months in single-use French Oak 

Añejo – 28 Months in single-use American Oak

Extra Añejo – 4 Years in Bourbon Barrels


Color: Brilliant Gold

Body: Light and delicate

Notes: Nuances of raw and cooked agave, hints of pineapple and peach, lime, and a touch of pear.

Flavors: Raw and cooked Agave, herbs, lime, pear, traces of honey with gentle minerality.


Color: Radiant amber.

Body: Silky and well-structured body.

Notes: Orange peel and jasmine with hints of plum and vanilla. Delicate spices, caramel, and cooked agave with notes of cinnamon, and pepper.

Flavors: Caramel sweetness and cooked agave, cinnamon, and spicy pepper. A citrus touch with a final note of minerality.

Extra Añejo

Color: Golden Caramel.

Body: Voluptuous and silky

Notes: Fragrances of pear skin, chocolate aroma, and toffee. Gentle vanilla and spices, cooked agave, cinnamon and nuts.

Flavors: Hint of cooked agave, vanilla, toffee, pepper and subtle minerality

2024 Production

Our tequila production is limited to a exclusive quantity of bottles per year.

Produced and bottle by Tequilera las Juntas. SA de CV.

Made in Mexico

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