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Who is behind Tequila Barajas?

Tequila Barajas began its journey in 1997, when Gerardo Barajas decided to create his very own tequila. Born in the north of Mexico, Gerardo Barajas moved to Guadalajara, capital of tequila and Mariachis. Closer to the agave fields, Gerardo began his research on tequila production and launched his very first product, a true representation of the rich culture and heritage of Mexico.

Years later, Gerardo’s youngest son, Daniel Barajas, followed in his father’s footsteps. During his studies in Germany, he met Alexia Strohmeier from Switzerland, who was equally enamored with the beauty and culture of Mexico.

Together, they expanded the vision of Tequila Barajas, introducing a new product that united the tradition of tequila with the stunning art of Mexico.

Today, Tequila Barajas continues to uphold its commitment to quality, tradition, and innovation. Each bottle is handcrafted and signed by the artisans who created it, making it a true representation of Mexico’s rich culture and heritage.

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"This is not only tequila, this is the art of Mexico"

Produced and bottle by Tequilera las Juntas. SA de CV.

Made in Mexico

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